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P1nay ak0

mahal kita kahit di mo alam.. >_<

pangit mo
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♥ dorjusobau ♥
HEY! blaaaaaaaaaaah ...you prolly know me as jemjem,
My first cry was April o8 so if you know who I am then you'd find out how old I am. Born in Quezon City, Philippines yeyuh Asian pride! now currently residing in Round Lake Beach.
I have brown eyes but i wear glasses. I'm with the long natural black curly hair.
I am Single because i like it that way.
I'm not that chic who gets bad grades, but i'm not a nerd all the time =P
My ate is 25 and my kuya is 24. we just hang out ...
I play ukelele does that make me special? I love my church and i Love hearing God's Word.
i play bowling, volleyball, and working on my tennis. i wanna play softball.
i love my frendz & family & God. without them i am nothing.
i'm quiet all the time so dont make fun of me lol. ima girl by the way ok? haha.. i love you =P.

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