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13 December 2010 @ 04:45 pm
wish list :D  


so i want to make a wish list of all the things i want for the holiday season :) I don't want much, just these simple things.. lol



there's this beautiful cute tshirt that i want from bubbi's clothes line. her stuff is ALWAYS sold out or out of stock including this shirt T^T i'm not sure if i want the navy or the yellow one. both are really cute baggy shirts that can be worn over the shoulder (although i wouldn't wear it like that :P) it sells for $15 each. if i could get both colors, i would probably give the other to a friend so we would match :D


^^ link above to buy it

the next thing on my list is

i've ALWAYs wanted classic yellow rain boots, you know the ones you see on salt advertisements and television shows. The thing is that they are actually rare and i cant find them anywhere in stores for some reason? Perfect for rain seasons in chicago caught in the rain. Looking cute while being dry at the same time.


^^ link to buy it

LOL!! i have been looking for the right taeyang hat that works for me. and i've decided to go with his where u at hat. It might be too gangsta for me but ill be representing taeyang not me. I want the exact color as he wore in the vid ;) lolol it runs for $25 dollars . i'm getting this hat no matter wut..


^^ buy it here

only cool people know why i want this hat. its so cheap. it seems like its only $3 . the ears will also keep ur ears warm :D i understand that no one would understand why this hat is cool except for me and two other friends. but i dont care i still want it. its cheap anyway.


^^ buy it here


another item that only cool people would know. but more people understand why i want this than why i want the hat. to the untrained eye it just looks like a cute stuft lion. but its totally way more than that. $12.35 at amazon

^^ buy here

sigh.. i have been wanting these boots since the beginning of time but they run for $90 X(( so sad. i'll be waiting till i have a job to get these.. you can find these at journeys or by googling fringe boots. i can't find any fringe boots cheaper than that. 

OF COURSE i want the boy that comes along with the hat too. lol jp. but yea. these are the few things that are on my wish list. i will get all of them eventually. i'll just have to be patient.
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